matkailua pelialalla 1994 – 2015

lokakuu 11, 2008

Sivut 1-4

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Tässä ensimmäiset neljä sivua:
[Here’s the first four pages]

1: Is this rolling? Well..we’re doing documentary about the game industry.. so it is year 1994.. 2: And me and my friend have both received a shared grant, that allows us to document the development of the game industry, up till year 2009! (2nd bubble:)Yes! I’ll shoot and he interviews!

3: As you might guess, me and my friend, we both LOVE games.. 4: So for us, this is a dream project! 15 years spent with games! (2nd bubble:)Is this the building of the game company?  5: No, it’s the next street number 6: 7: Well, erm, well this is a start-up company, obviously (sign reads: garbage) 8: Will they allow us to tape them just like that? (2nd bubble) Of course! We’re not journos, and this will be revealed only after 15 years have passed!


1: 2: (thinks: A real game developer!) Hello, we came here to shoot the documentary we told you about! 3: 4:(thinks: He won’t say anything ?) Thanks for letting us in! 5: Psst, that guy is making me nervous.. now he’s following us! (2nd bubble) Bah! He was clearly expecting us!

6: Ok, so we’re in! 7: Whisper: Have you ever seen so many garbage bags?  (Shout:) WHAT THE FUCKING HELL THIS IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!

1:Now that’s quite a shout..! (Shout:) You fucking moron, if you can’t do what you are paid to do then go back to your mama or run away to school we’re all the rest of the losers are hiding from life, and spend your days there with all the fucking communist lesbians who reek of garlic!! (3rd bubble)..but I couldn’t see any fault there.. 2: (shout) I’ve told you already FIVE times how the characters are supposed to be placed in that grid..! (whisper:) this is the boss of this company?

3: Ahem, you must be Mr..Risunokkonen? (=Nestle Brushwood), in other words, you are.. ICE HAIR? (thinks:) mommy..! 4: ? 5: Hmph. 6: Mister..? (whisper:) Psst. Do not mind him! 7: Ice just happens to be like that, especially as he became rich and famous when he was only sixteen! (2nd bubble:) Thanks for the hint! Who are you? (3rd bubble:) I’ve been known in demo scene as DR. SEX SLAVE! 8: And what are you currently doing? ( slave:) I am coding a neural net, which just collapsed! Tee hee!


1: That guy on the wall, he looks bit like you, who is he? (Dr:) That’s me. I’ve been coding now for 6 months, non stop, around the clock, that’s why I look like this. Actually I’m seventeen years old. 2: 17 years?!! (Dr:) That’s how it is, but I’m sure I’ll get back in shape in no time.. I will quit as soon as this project is finished. Come! I will show you places! 3: That guy over ther is Rape (NOTE: rape is typical finnish nickname, and it has nothing to do with english verb ’rape’) He was the guy who let you in… he’s been forced to concentrate totally on cleaning up pixels manually.. that’s why appears as slightly absent-minded..

4: Cleaning pixels? (Dr:) Yes. Show ’em, Rape. 5: So we’re working on our first 3D-rendered game.. the resolution is pretty low, so details are bit of a mess 6: Rape loads the rendered images into paint program.. where he sharpens and cleans up all the details manually! 7: Wow! Amazing! (Rape:) I found it! Nicetameetcha! 8: And him? Why Ice Hair was shouting to him? (Dr:) He is our 2D artist, called ’CAI’, which means ’central anal intruder’.. Ice was shouting at him, because he found a small glitch from his work.. 8: (cai:) I am also the only one, who gets actual monthly salary. (Dr:) True. That has caused terribly lot of stress for Ice Hair.. 9: (Dr:) But let’s go on! Our tester is in that closet!.. he’s waiting there his next working day!


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  1. […] Its fun to read those specs and compare them to what we have today. And then remember just how exciting those specs were to us as programmers and artists! Clashing egos and arguments, fights over poorly-worded or non-existent contracts, and disappearing funds would stretch friendships to the breaking point. When a studio was in desperate need of cash, developers and artists would work 16-hour days and beyond. Managers would call up contract workers at 2 AM to make sure they were still working. Miha Rinne, who worked at Terramarque, told me how his supervisor demanded that he write down all the time he spent writing notes, doing backups, and even going to the washroom! He later took his experiences in the game industry and made a comic out of it, which can be found here. […]

    Päivitysilmoitus Kirjoittanut Ars Technica : Amiga gaming retrospective | tequila bomb — kesäkuu 14, 2010 @ 6:10 am

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